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Welcome to the Fallout Mod Wiki
A Fallout wiki with 2,654 articles.

We are dedicated to archiving information related to Fallout mods, games, and projects.
This wiki is dedicated to both growing and archiving information related to official mods, fan mods, and patches. Those listed below without links are coming soon, so please check back! If you need help, feel free to contact an administrator.

This Wiki is a modders' resource for modders to showcase their mods or give ideas for modders to develop new projects. Mods are either created for Creation Club, or are available for free. Mods are also developed by private teams and are not always officially aligned with Bethesda. To date, there are millions of new mods for the Fallout universe, help us add them here!

Mods typically target a very limited and narrow array of game objects, and thus may not always include quests, characters, and creatures in one mod file. This is with the goal of growing our collection of mods and encouraging users to write, collaborate, and enjoy!

Get Started!

  • Are you looking for modding ideas, or do you have a well-thought-out FO2 or FO3 mod idea?
  • Feel free to express yourself in the Modding Ideas section.
  • If you are looking to join an existing project, then check out the Modders Required section.
  • You don't need to have the experience to mod or help out on this wiki.

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